Do you guys have children of your own?


Well then what could you possibly know about them?

Great question! We’ve taught and cared for a whole mess of kiddos over the years as coaches, teachers, guardians ad litem, and caregivers. Playing that kind of “removed” role in a child’s life is interesting because it takes away a lot of the pressure that parents face. It has allowed us to focus on the fun stuff like playing and learning. We don’t know diddlysquat about parenting, and we try hard to make that clear. Take a look at our page for parents.

Do you work with special needs children?

Yes and no. At this time, we do not have any special training working with children with special needs. We’ll work with parents on a case by case basis to evaluate the needs of their child.

I like Kate’s writing! Where can I read more of it?

Check out her personal website where she keeps some published clips and maintains something akin to a terrible blog.

Where did you grow up?

Kate grew up on a farm in central New York. Christoph grew up in Manhattan. Country mouse & city mouse! 🐭🐭