Tap Tap Ding Ding

By Kate Teves

I am creating a summer camp on the art of writing letters. It's awesome. 

One of the elements involves typewriters, so we have a couple vintage typewriters set up in our museum while we prepare for the camp. 

I wish you could witness what happens when kids walk into this space for the first time. Before I can even utter a hello, the kids make a bee-line for the typewriters. 

They don't ask for permission, they don't seek instruction. They simply begin tapping away and figuring it out as they go. Little Tasmanian devil Hemingways. 

Tip tap ding dong

And they stay pre-occupied with the clunky machines for their entire visit, laughing as they construct sentences with each other and explore the mechanics of these things. 

Sure, we might all be miserable over the fact that these kids can't read cursive, but my goodness, when you witness this pure enthusiasm, you really start to believe the future is going to be alright. 

I'm not trying to say we should bring back the typewriter, but I am heartened to see that this simple machine with its simple rewards can be so entertaining. 

These kids. 

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