The Day The Toy Store Died

By Christoph Teves

Mention Toys R Us to any child that grew up in the past 60 years, and their head will perk up so fast it’ll remind you of when you tell your dog “let’s go for a walk.”

As a child, hearing Toys R Us and “do you want to go to” in the same sentence would instantly make you run for the door to be the first one in the car. 

Shopping for toys at Toys R Us will always be an amazing memory.

Being ten years old and walking into a Toys R Us, you would be overcome with the sheer size of this place. Aisles upon aisles were filled with toys and paraphernalia, stacked on shelves so high that even King Kong himself couldn't reach their tops! You could find the newest toy on the market as well as the old classics like "Simon" and "Shoots and Ladders"! 

And their prices were unrivaled! I grew up in New York City, or “The City” as people call it, and the closest Toys R US was all the way in New Jersey. I’ll never forget the thrill of heading across the river with my allowance of $10 stuffed in my pocket. I could buy two GI Joes at Toys R US for the price of one in New York City! 

Toys R Us has closed its doors. Online shopping will never be anywhere close to this experience.

As the last door closes on the wonderful life span that Toys R Us had, I am saddened for those who will never have the opportunity to step through one of these stores. Gone are the days where you set out for a Toys R Us and spot their sign from afar. No longer will you bolt for those doors and, as they open, be awestruck by the mecca of toys so wonderfully laid out before you. 

Now we buy our toys online and have them delivered to our doorstep. Where will we go where we can touch the toys, feel the toys, smell the toys, before choosing which marvel to purchase? Now that the doors at Toys R Us are closed, will we finally have to grow up?