30 Gift Ideas for Tween Girls


By Kate Teves

It turns out that in my 4th decade I have become a list person. There’s the list of favorite parks, there’s the list of favorite poems, the list of favorite beaches, the list of favorite books. Favorite singers, favorite songs, favorite rights, and favorite wrongs.

I keep lists everywhere. On scraps of paper, on post-its, in journals, on Trello, and on Amazon.

But it’s my “gift lists” that get me the most excited.

In fact:

In my List of Top 10 Sorts of Lists, my “gift lists” definitely are Number 1.

In fact, part B:

In my list of Favorite Types of Gift Lists, there is one that reigns above all:


Swoon to the moon. This is my favorite list ever, and I update it as often as I can, whenever I find something my permanently-12-year-old heart truly truly truly loves.

So here is its latest incarnation. Savor it, my dears, because each and every item here is simply fabulous and deserves to find its way to a marvelous girl.