Featured Artist: Richa Kumar

© Richa Kumar 2018

© Richa Kumar 2018

By Kate Teves

© Richa Kumar 2018

© Richa Kumar 2018

Until recently, I tended to think watercolor was a little serious as a medium. It felt melancholy and pensive—the kind of thing you create when you feel like listening to Joni Mitchell and mourning the passage of time. Then I actually tried my hand at it (late bloomer here) and discovered how colors mix and bleed and do the tango in your palette, and man, it felt fantastic!

When I stumbled upon the work of Richa Kumar, I saw zippy, colorful pieces that felt alive and punchy. More please!

So I reached out for an interview. Cuz why not!

© Richa Kumar 2018

© Richa Kumar 2018


Richa Kumar

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Where do you live?

I’m originally from Goa, India and now I live in Hampshire, UK.

What role did art play in your life as a child?

As a child I was always interested in art. I remember sketching stick figures as a four year old, and my mum always encouraged me to draw more. In school, I always had the appreciation of my art teachers, and they helped me understand the finer details of working with different media. A strong inclination towards art helped me in my undergrad degree in Architecture and later in landscape architecture.

© Richa Kumar 2018

© Richa Kumar 2018

What kinds of subjects are you drawn to and why?

I love watercolors and more so because it is an extremely forgiving medium. I like drawing food illustrations and floral patterns. I assume that my love for drawing food stems from the fact that I like to cook. Also people can relate to food and appreciate it in an art form.

Do you ever hit creative roadblocks, and if so what do you do to overcome them?

As a landscape architect, I have realized that design is a constant journey, sometimes with roadblocks and sometimes with no speed limits. The same applies to an artist; if I ever face a roadblock I think of the end result and keep going till I reach it.

What's the best advice you've ever received about being an artist? 

Be yourself and draw what you see, not what you know.

Tell us about a great moment in your artistic life. What happened?

I recently took part in the Twitter Art Exhibit that helps charitable organizations by selling artworks of artists from around the globe. It was heart-warming to experience that my artwork sold out on the third day itself and that my art could contribute to a noble cause.

Do you have a quote you would like to share?

“What you seek, is seeking you.” - Rumi.

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