Tom Hanks Sent Me A Letter


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By Kate Teves

This past summer, when we created a summer camp at the Delray Beach Historical Society on the art of writing letters, we were met with a not-so-quiet load of skepticism. More people than I’d like to believe said we would never find enough kids to sign up for it, except for total nerds and/or video-game-addicts whose parents forced them to do it.

Look how much she wrote!

Look how much she wrote!

Well, I am sorry, but the camp was a phenomenal success and was, hands down, the most inspiring project of my career. We had totally rad—the raddest—kids, and you won’t believe me when I tell you this: we couldn’t get them to stop writing letters. When it came time for lunch, we had to forcibly remove the pens from their hands.

Going into the camp, my boss and I thought we should tell Tom Hanks about what we were up to. He is a huge typewriter collector/advocate/fan, and our typewriter station was going to feature prominently in our camp curriculum. So I wrote.

And wouldn’t you know it, the feller wrote back! So take that snorts. Take that.

I would thank him here, but I’ll save it for my letter back.

PS. Send us snail mail.