Listening To: Tom Rosenthal

By Kate Teves

Our new featured artist, Tobias Rud, tipped us off to English singer-songwriter Tom Rosenthal, and we’re obsessed. So obsessed, in fact, that we’re going to start doing a whole series on music, starting today. It’s about time.

Rosenthal’s music is ethereal and kind, even when it’s about something hard. In anyone else’s hands, the songs might come off as banal coffee shop pieces, but in Rosenthal’s they are hypnotic and subtly transcendent. They feel like listening to very good chamber music in a very quiet hall.

Many of Rosenthal’s music videos are animated by well-known artists in the field. There is a kind of synesthesia happening here where you can’t quite tell if the music is visual, or the visuals are musical, and the confusion creates something altogether unique.

There are so many good Tom Rosenthal videos that it’s fairly impossible to choose. So here’s a smattering. Have fun.