The Best Worst Gift for Everyone in Your Family


Well, it's official. We are total, and I mean total, suckers. We paid good money to print our Instagram photos onto...marshmallows. Then we roasted our faces and put them onto...German hazelnut wafers.

And you know what? IT WAS AMAZING!

Welcome to boomfs—the darling little poofy-shmoofies that should be high on your shopping list for every lovebug, young or old, in your family.

Instagram marshmallows make great gifts. Check out Boomfs!

Instagram marshmallows make great gifts. Check out Boomfs!


Why sure! The case could be made that Boomf, the company behind these little 21st-century trifles, is indeed the dumbest company in the whole world! Even the company’s founder James Middleton (who happens to be the b-r-o-t-h-e-r of Kate Middleton) cannot save Boomf from this very real possibility.

And indeed, the naysaysers might be right that this is the dumbest company in the whole world. But the naysayers might also be BORING. Just straight up dull as doorknobs!

And 21st-century drips don’t know a good thing when they see it. When the next holiday comes around, they won’t realize that Boomfs are the most delightful gifts in the world, perfect for kids of all ages. AND with no more than a toothpick, Boomfs can be made into excellent cake toppers too.

Silk-screened marshmallows are a great gift idea.

Even better, a quick glance at the Boomf website shows me that nowadays Mr. Middleton is up to a lot more than just peddling marshmallows in his sister’s shadow. It seems he also has a few other doo-dads for sale on his site such as confetti cards that burst in your face. This makes us believe that his playful, quirky company is here to stay. Ain’t that swell!