Welcome to Our New Site!

Looking for creative ideas for children? Check out Papery.

Thanks for stopping by! Some of you might know us from Kate’s comics Toaster Tongs and our book Meet The Squirbles. But we’re up to a lot more than that, and we thought it was high time to bring everything together.

And so here we are!

At Papery, you’ll find all of our kids’ stuff under one roof: creative workshops, projects, book reviews, movie reviews, and more. And stay tuned for products!

Delray Beach workshops for kids.jpg

The former Blog continues where it left off, with all of its book reviews, featured artists, and more. Now it all lives over in our Magazine.

The popular Emergency Button on our old site now lives under the “Good News” button at our Magazine’s front page.

The Squirbles have taken up residence quite happily over here. We’re thrilled to announce we’ve got all kinds of new Squirble goodies for you, and we’re even putting together our sequel!

Finally, we have posted all of the kid-appropriate Toaster Tongs content here! (We’re working on posting the grownup content somewhere else. Stay tuned.)

Thank you for supporting us. You are wonderful!