Music for Your Future Dylan

Image by    CJ Borg

Image by CJ Borg

by Kate Teves

I’m up early, really early, and on this particular morning that means I can write a post about Bob Dylan and Christoph won’t be around to put the squash to it.

You see, I’m a Dylan fan, and he’s not, or not much. This makes for difficult moments in the light of day, when things like car stereos and Pandora playlists are ripe for the picking. But in the early hours of the morning, before suns or husbands have yawned awake, I drink my coffee and pay tribute to my old crooning friend.

With the right children’s music, you can teach your kid to like Bob Dylan when they grow up.

Dylan’s songs have traveled with me in every suitcase since I was 14. I’ve lived in a lot of places, strange places, and every time, Dylan has kept me steady, truing me towards home. And now, here he is with me in Florida, the most un-Dylan state in the Union, and his voice throws itself at me as if to see if it still has a spot in my heart.

It does.

Dylan for Kids

But good luck explaining all that to a kid.

To see what I mean, take a look at these little ones trying to make sense of one of Dylan’s most palatable songs of all:

Dylan Animated

Thankfully, there’s animation to raise its colorful flags and fight our cause. Dylan’s classic song “Forever Young” takes on new emotion—not necessarily richer emotion but definitely easier emotion—in the animated video below. Give it a play and you might be able to get kids to pay attention for more than 10 seconds.

And if they survive that video for longer than 30 seconds, I’d say you have a future Dylan fan on your hands! Hurry up and get that kid a tot-sized guitar! (Do not under any circumstances get that kid a harmonica unless you have a death wish). Also be sure to check out this great Dylan guitar lesson here.

Music to Gently Ease Your Child Towards a Love of Dylan:

Force-feeding Dylan on your poor kids (or your poor spouses) is sure to come out horribly wrong. One bad move and you’ll have an Ed Sheeran fan on your hands.

So instead, do them right and ease them into a lifelong love of folk music with some of these fantastic albums.

The Okee Dokee Brothers make fun folk music for kids of all ages.

The Okee Dokee Brothers make fun folk music for kids of all ages.

Can You Canoe by The Okee Dokee Brothers

These Grammy Award-winning duo will win your heart within one lyric. The darling humor of their music paired with their sweet-home bluegrass pluckings will carry you away. Since releasing this album, the two have gone on to create something of a hillbilly empire with multiple albums, books, and even films.

Available at Amazon | Apple Music

Ella Jenkins is a national treasure and her folk music for children feels more relevant than ever.

You’ll Sing a Song and I’ll Sing a Song by Ella Jenkins

Available at Amazon | Apple Music

The Smithsonian Collection of folk songs for children is a classic that should be in everyone’s collection.

Classic Folk Songs for Kids from Smithsonian Folkways

Available at Amazon | Apple Music

Josh Lovelace and friends have created a heartwarming album of acoustic music for kids.

Young Folk by Josh Lovelace and Friends

Available at Amazon| Apple Music

We can’t believe Johnny Cash had a children’s album all these years, and we had no idea.

The Johnny Cash Children’s Album by Johnny Cash

Available at Amazon | Apple Music

Trout Fishing In America is fun folk music with a little bit of rock ‘n roll.

Family Music Party by Trout Fishing in America

Available at Amazon | Apple Music

Pete Seeger’s children’s album is a classic folk album and kids and parents alike will love the banjo.

Birds, Beasts, Bugs & Little Fishes by Pete Seeger

Available at Amazon | Apple Music

Dan Zanes makes silly and fun acoustic music for children. You will love it.

Catch That Train! by Dan Zanes and Friends

Available at Amazon | Apple Music

Bob Dylan often praises Woody Guthrie as an inspiration, so Woody Guthrie’s children’s album should definitely be on a list of folk music for kids.

Songs to Grow on for Mother and Child by Woodie Guthrie

Available at Amazon | Apple Music

Got a recommendation? Let us know in the comments below!