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For Parents

If you’re looking for creative projects for parents and kids, check out Papery.

You might be wondering what we know about parenting. After all we don’t even have any kids of our own! And the truth is, we don’t know diddlysquat about parenting.

We really don’t, and our promise to you is that we will never pretend that we do or pretend that we can tell you how to do your job.

Instead, we’ll try to stay focused on the kids and on what we think they like and want. We’ll leave the parenting part of it to other people on the internet.

Here are some promises we’ll make to you along the way:

We promise to keep your kids safe.

We have experience working as coaches, teachers, mentors, guardians ad litem, and caregivers, and that means that we’ve had the terrifying responsibility of keeping other people’s children safe.

That’s a big deal because when you care for other people’s children, you don’t know what they will or will not do (will they burn the house down? run into the street? have an allergic reaction?). So we’ve had to make sure our systems and our recommendations are top-notch.

We promise to respect the emotional intelligence of your kids.

We believe with every bone in our bodies that children are capable of digesting subtleties and contradictions in ways that far outweigh the rigid mindsets of adults. We create projects that encourage and foster this emotional intelligence. Read more about our approach here.

We promise to be kind to your children.

In everything we do, from the books we write to the programs we create, we promise to treat your children with kindness and respect.

As caregivers, we have of course had experiences with children who test us, but we have always had the same approach: figure out why the child is misbehaving and work with them in a respectful way to resolve the behavior. We understand that the act of testing limits is part of growing up and exploring the world. This doesn’t mean we’re pushovers; we believe that rules create important structure in any group of any age.

We promise to keep learning.

We love what we do, and that means we love growing and learning from peers, parents, and children. Please give us feedback so we can continue to be better every day.