A Tasting Party with the Squirbles®

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There are two things a squirble loves more than anything else:


And in squirble culture, it is very important to be able to decipher the special notes in each of these and to use exceptional language to describe them.

Come along for a sophisticated squirble tasting party and you’ll become an aficionado of gummies and seltzer!

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green gummy bear.png
orange gummy bear.png
red gummy bear.jpg
blue gummy bear.jpg
Host a gummy bear tasting party so kids can learn about different flavors and words.

You can see photos from our very first gummy tasting right here.

The Squirble brothers love to have fun and be silly and make noise.

P.S. Have you read our book yet?? Take a gander!

Host a creative tasting party for kids to learn about flavors, palates, and vocabulary.